meetings May, June July 2012

We met in April to hear Don Hilton speaking on Humanism, a lively and interesting evening, very crowded, We are beginning to grow out of our meeting places!
On 2nd May a number of us attended the final discussion following Mike King's series of 4 talks on the reasons for the rise of secularism. A good evening with views from many directions.
At our meeting on 10th May, which will be in Ipswich, in the Suffolk Interfaith Resource room at University College Suffolk, we are going to discuss Alain de Botton's book  "Religion for Atheists" led by Jean Wardrop. We have had some comments on the book from a SoF Group in northern Ireland ,which will add to our discussion.
On 11th of June we plan to meet in Sudbury, in the Institute, to hear about St Julian of Norwich from Richard Titford.
On July 3rd we plan a shared meal and an evening of our choices of music that inspires us.