sof suffolk group dates 2016 so far

With apologies for not having posted dates since December 2015

On 26th January 2016 we met to watch and discuss a video of Pentecostal preacher Carlton Pearson revealing how he had realised that Hell does not exist except here on Earth. we had a good discussion and  raised a few unhappy memories of fundamentalist and orthodox churches.

February: Tuesday 23rd  7.30pm    "The Art of Loving" based on Penny Mawdsley's review  in Portholes of Eric Fromm's book.
March :  Tuesday  15th  7.30pm    Good and Evil
April and May Dates and topics to be announced.


SoF Suffolk Group dates November , December 2015

SoF Suffolk Group. Dates of meetings.

November Tuesday 10th at Cherrytrees. 
John Gamlin will talk about Peter Watson’s book “the Age of Nothing”.

Our December meeting is planned for Thursday 3rd  7.30 pm. Chelsworth .
Our topic is:
 “what does Christmas  mean to us?”
At our last meeting on 6th October, we met at Chelsworth and out topic was Children’s Literature. Specifically we brought memories of books from our childhoods that we felt had influenced us and left lasting impressions. It was a lively and fascinating evening. It was a delight to find books in common, and great to discover new ones that we had missed. And interesting to discover the influence of various religious backgrounds on the choice or lack of choice of books. Our age range is now nicely wide which was reflected in the books.


Suffolk Sea of Faith Group . Meetings May , June, 2015

Our meeting on 16th April at the Sudbury Institute  was a discussion of the RSA paper by Dr Jonathan Rowson "Spiritualise: revitalisng Spirituality to address 21st century challenges.
Helena led us with an excellent precis of the main points. We had a good and lively discussion.It is such a weighty paper , we decided to revisit it next year.

Our May meeting will be on Thursday 21st May at Chelsworth. David Sharp will talk about Christianity and Buddha, and will show a DVD  "Jesus and Buddha"

In June we plan to meet on Tuesday 30th. No fixed plan as yet but it may be our summer party.


Suffolk Sea of Faith Group meeting 16th April 2015

At this meeting Richard Titford introduced Marcus Borg by way of Jack Spong’s obituary of him. Then we watched the first of the “Living the Questions” DVDs.
 It was very good to revisit this and to remember how fresh and encouraging this series is. And how remarkably relevant it is in the warning of the dangers of fundamentalism.                                                  

At our next meeting , on
Thursday 16th April , at the Sudbury Institute, 7.30 pm, 
Helena is going to lead us in a discussion of a paper by Jonathan Rowson, reviewed in the Church Times
 "Spiritualise: revitalizing spirituality to address 21st century challenges" 
It can be downloaded from the  RSA website.


Suffolk (formerly Ipswich) Sea of Faith group meetings dates February, March, April 2015

The February Meeting of the Suffolk SoF Group was held in Chelsworth. Marian Carter led us in an evening on her recent book "Dying to Live" a theological and practical workbook on death, dying and bereavement.published by SCM  press.
We had an open discussion on personal approaches to dying.

The March meeting will also be at Chelsworth 7.30 pm.
Richard Titford will talk about Marcus Borg.  We hope to watch a DVD.

AT the April meeting- date not quite certain- Helena Woddis will lead us in a discussion of  "Spiritualise" a report by Dr. Jonathan Rowson published by RSA.


SoF Suffolk Group(formerly Ipswich Group) meetings December 2014, January 2015

The next two meetings of the Suffolk SoF group will be:

Thursday 11th December 7.30 pm at Lower Holbrook
Richard Titford will speak to us on Gretta Vosper.

on Thursday 15th January 2015   at Lower Holbrook   David Lambourn is coming to give us a workshop on "As-If" which some of us greatly appreciated at a Leicester Conference.

Our last meeting ,held on 6th November, was a shared meeting with Suffolk Interfaith Resource and was held at Suffolk College. Peter Stribblehill, from the SoF board of Trustees, spoke to us on "Inter religious dialogue" "Are you saved?" was his title. There were present representatives of several faiths and philosophies. A good evening followed by a lively email correspondence.


Suffolk Sea of Faith Group dates for meetings October 2014 -January 2015

The October meeting of the Suffolk SoF group will be on Tuesday 7th , 2.0-4.0 p,m at the Sudbury Institute, Station Road Sudbury. CO10 2SP
John Gamlin will speak to us on "Enough is Enough" from the workshop that he ran at the Leicester Conference.

The November Meeting will be on Thursday 6th November at 7.0 pm. This will be a shared meeting with Suffolk Interfaith Resource (SIFRE) and will be held in the SIFRE room at University College Suffolk.
 Peter Stribblehill ( on the board of trustees of SoF and Treasurer) will speak on "Inter religious Dialogue" This is such a good opportunity of out reach for SoF. We hope lots will come.

the December meeting will be on Thursday 11th December, 7.30 pm at Cherrytrees , Lower Holbrook.
Richard Titford will speak on Grete Vosper.

In January 2015 we will meet on Thursday 15th, 7.30 pm at Cherrytrees Lower Holbrook.
David Lambourn (membership secretary on the Board of Trustees of SoF) is going to lead us in an AS-IF workshop.

in September Mike King spoke to us on "Mysticism after Modernity", Don Cupitt's book. A very good evening, followed by a very lively email correspondence on ns off the subject!