topic for meeting on 22nd January 2014

The Ipswich Sea of Faith Group will meet in Lower Holbrook at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 22 January 2014.
Our Topic is "Inequality".
John Gamlin will lead us.

At our Christmas meeting in December, which was held in the Sudbury Institute, we discussed the future, both of our group and of the S of F movement as a whole. With our group, far from running out of topics and reasons for meetings, we seemed to have a lot of ideas for the future. The Sea of Faith as a movement, even in these days of much more open discussion of matters religious and secular, was seen to have a real contribution to make in a world troubled by extremist tendencies of all kinds.
We are considering our name "Ipswich Group" which scarcely reflects our widely spread members and attenders. We hope to become the "Suffolk Group".

Our February meeting, on Wednesday 19th February, will be in Lower Holbrook from  2.0-4.0 p.m.