recent meetings and future dates. October, November, December 2013. January, February, March 2014

Our October meeting, on Wednesday 23rd, 7.30 pm at Chelsworth, was on the Secular topic of "War". John Gamlin gave us a very good account of causes, events and results of war , and we had a good discussion, gloomily deciding that man appears to be hardwired to be warlike.

In November we had an experimental day time meeting on 27th at 2.0pm , Lower Holbrook , looking at. two poems. "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold and "1 September 1939" by W H Auden.  Helena Woddis
read us the poems and looked at the subjects, treatments, rhythms and meanings,overt and  hidden. We had a good discussion and cups of tea. We decided it was a good time to meet and plan to repeat the exercise.

Our December meeting will be at the Sudbury Institute, 7.30 pm on Wednesday 18th December. This is our Christmas get together, but will not be a shared meal, we hope to share some seasonal snacks and our topic is:-"Where, what is the future for the Sea of Faith? Or are we at it/ is this it?"
I am hoping that the  imminence of Christmas will encourage optimistic discussion and conclusions !

Our January 2014 meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd January , time and venue to be decided. We have a tentative topic of "Assisted dying" but may not be ready to discuss this by then.

The February date is Wednesday 19th and this will be a day time meeting. Venue to be decided.

In March our meeting will be on Wednesday 12th at Lower Holbrook . Our speaker will be Martin Camroux and his subject is "Free to Believe". Information and downloads about this can be found on the Free to Believe website