meetings July 18th and September 11th.2013

Our summer party meeting was on Thursday 18th July at Chelsworth. We had a bring and share meal. Having wisely chosen a lovely evening, we sat in the garden and then indoors, all talking at once and eating and drinking delicious food and drink. We ignored all our rules of allowing one another to speak and enjoyed the moment.
Four of our Group went to the Leicester Conference on "Work and Worth".A very good experience for me. A privilege to be with about 100 people of like mind, all generous in their ablility to discuss and accept one anothers ideas and if disagreeing,  doing so thoughtfully and courteously. There were very many Workshops, all enticing of which anyone could do only 3. The"AS-IF" workshop with David Lambourn and Simon Mapp was especially good for me, and I experienced early morning Yoga and a sensory workshop.
The speakers were good and diverse, and provoked much discussion. Chris Howson, a C of E vicar with very strong ideas of social justice, Alom Shaha, author of "The Young Atheist's Handbook", andTim Jackson with very informed ideas of "sustainability and justice in a broken finance system".

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday September 11th at7.30 pm, at Pin Mill. Kit will lead a discussion based on the book "The Re-enchantment of the West" by Christopher Partridge    There are good reviews and downloads for this book on the internet. I have ordered (but not yet received)  a copy for anyone to borrow.