Meeting Tuesday 18th June 2013 at Lower Holbrook

Our next meeting will be at Lower Holbrook on Tuesday 18th June 2013 at 7.30 pm.
Our speaker is Jim Corrigall, the new minister at the Unitarian Church in Ipswich. He will speak about his journey to Unitarianism. It includes atheism, Sea of Faith and other directions, and promises to be very interesting.

Our last meeting, on Tuesday 14th May, at Chelsworth, was led by Helena on the topic "How much does Jesus matter to us?" following Dinah Livingstone's editorial and article in Sofia. John Knights contributed some very relevant articles from March 28th New Statesman, de Botton, Spufford, Armstrong and Holloway, and we read a very helpful letter from John Mann. We got stuck into the Jesus Seminar and other theological points of view and it was quite hard to discover personal viewpoints. A topic we need to explore again.

The meeting in April on Raympond Tallis' book " Aping Mankind" led us into a lively discussion. We rather echoed Tallis' indecision and question mark over the subject of the place of the human "mind".But argued freely about where we are now as mankind, mostly governed by world economies.