September and October meetings reports

On 10th September 2012 we met in Chelsworth to hear Don Hilton speaking on Human Rights. A very good and intense evening, Don gave us a thorough account of the Declaration of Human rights. The group included John Nurser who wrote "For all Peoples and all Nations", an account of the Churches' involvement in this work. It was a good evening, lots of discussion and ideas.

On 15th October we met in Lower Holbrook to discuss "what the SoF means to me" and it was interesting how many of us had found SoF as a refuge from possibly restrictive churches. We are fortunate in our group of friends in sof.
The discussion, as always strayed a good deal, moving into realms of religious education and the teaching of morals. One member left early to catch Richard Dawkins "Sex,Death,and the meaning of life" programme. We now have an e-discussion group which has been in great use since that programme. Emails fly about full of ideas and information and argument.

On 12th November we plan to meet in the Sudbury Institute. John Gamlin will lead a discussion on "Morality"

Our December meeting will be a shared meal evening in Pin Mill