Dates for the Autumn

At our last meeting we discussed the Leicester Conference "Work and Worth".
We felt the conference was very focussed. The issues raised made all of us think. Our discussion ranged widely around living and working in the modern world.
We also decided on some dates and topics for meetings:

September   Monday 10th  7.30 pm at Chelsworth. Don Hilton, who spoke to us on Humanism earier this year, will speak on "The Declaration of Human Rights".
October    Monday 15th,  7.30 pm at Lower Holbrook, "What the Sea of Faith means to me"
November   Monday 12th ,  7.30 pm at the Sudbury Institute , John Gamlin will lead a discussion on Morality.
December  Monday 10th  ,  7.30 pm at Pin Mill, our Christmas gathering .