meetings september october november 2011

Our next meeting, on Friday 9th September is in Holbrook. this is our "Conference debrief" for those of us who attended it to tell the rest of us about it, Sofia certainly makes it all sound fascinating. We are changing round the topics for the following two meetings. On Thursday 13th October we plan to talk about the differences between the holistic Eastern philosophies and religions and the Western faiths and religions. After our experiences with our speaker on Qigong and Taoism , John Millar, the plain sitting in the pews of my experience seemed curiously different from the physical involvement of Qigong. John Millar will be with us again, as our guest. In November, Date and venue not yet fixed, we plan to hold our "poetry evening" when we hope we will each bring a poem that has been important to ourselves, in expressing "the beyond", "something understood". the numinous, to each one of us. And for those who do not have that experience, something that enriches the here.