meeting Friday 9th September 2011

The next meetng of the Ipswich SoF group will be on Friday 9th September, 7.30pm and will be in Lower Holbrook. We hope to hear about the Conference which a number of people attended. If you were there please come and tell us about it. If you cannot come, it would be good to if you could email your memories and ideas before 9th. We had a really lovely party in July, overlooking the river Orwell at Pin Mill, amazing weather , food, wine, conversation. It was hard to leave! For the following 2 meetings, in October and November. There is first a plan to hold a "poetry evening"when we will each try to bring a poem that is important to us. This idea has grown from John Nurser's sending us the articleby Mark Oakley in which he quoted from a poem by Les Murray "God at the end of prose, Somehow be our poem" The next idea grows from our meeting with John Millar speaking on Taoism and Qigong. To explore why the Eastern hPilosophies and Religions are more holistic than the Western Faiths. It is always good to have input on idea and speakers We are in touch with the Norwich Group of the SoF, since the Conference, and hope to organise a shared meeting on a Saturday.