meeting TUESDAY 5th October 2010

We have changed the day for the next 2 meetings to see whether that proves to be easier for some people. The next meeting is on TUESDAY 5th October at 7.30pm and will be at Cherrytrees Lower Holbrook. We have no particular topic for this meeting except that it would be good to hear about the Conference. We don't seem to remain silent for long in the absence of an agenda! There is a great deal going on theologically at the moment. Stephen Hawking and the response to his new book. The visit of the Pope, a pastor planning to burn the Koran. And many more hot topics. Some of us are involved with a series of discussions on "communities together" through Suffolk Interfaith Resource-SIFRE. The first was on the myths and stories of our faiths. Our November SoF meeting will be on TUESDAY 2ND NOVEMBER at Chelsworth. John Nurser is going to lead this meeting, which is very much something to look forward to. Our party at Chelsworth on 3rd September was a really good evening, Kit and Cara gave us a lovely welcome. Conversation, company, food, drink, comfortable chairs! It was hard to leave. For information about venues or other things please contact Charlotte Stewart