about future meetings. April, May ,June ,July

The dates and programmes of our next four meetings are:- April, Monday 26th "coming out---from Evangelicalism" Terence and Maggie Cooper. At Cherrytrees, Lower Holbrook. May, Thursday 13th, "beautiful minds," looking at the recent television programme about Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who was one of the speakers at last years SoF Conference on "Science and Raligion" June,Thursday 17th. Stephen Brian will talk to us about "Alpha" Stephen has recently written: "Assessing Alpha:Does the Alpha Course Explore the Meaning of Life?" July, Monday 19th. Malcolm Rogers will talk about Evangelicalism. Malcolm writes that while he is at ease in the evangelical world, he has also been influenced by Russian Orthodoxy. Venues of the last three to be announced later. We meet at 7.30 pm Our last meeting, discussing the Elegiac Stanza by Wordsworth inspired by a painting of Peele Castle in a storm by George Beaumont, was really good. A wide ranging discussion and lots of ideas to mull over. If you are interested in our meetings you can contact us through our email address.