change of topic for April meeting Wednesday 9th Sudbury 2-4 pm

We had planned to have the topic of SIN , but we have changed the date for this  and it will now be our May subject.
On Wednesday 9th April at Sudbury Institute 2-4 pm Richard will speak to us on "Free to Believe" He has attended the recent Conference.
Our March speaker  Martin Camroux, gave us a most interesting and rather concerning account of the state of  church and mosque attendance, pointing to a very rapid rise in the congregations of Pentecostal churches and Mosques, and a fairly constant decline in most other places of worship.
Our May meeting will be on Thursday 15th May 7.30 pm in Lower Holbrook and we hope the subject will be "sin"
At our June meeting, date yet to be decided , we hope to have with us an Imam who will speak to us on Islam and on Ramadan which will be just starting.