Wednesday April 24th 2013 meeting Lower Holbrook 7.30 pm

The next Meeting of the Ipswich SoF Group will be on Wednesday 24th April at  Cherrytrees Lower Holbrook.

Our topic is Raymond Tallis' book  "Aping Mankind" Davi;d Barklem will introduce this. Some of us have read it in several copies doing the rounds.

at our last meeting in Sudbury on 21st March we discussed "Art and Spirituality" All visual art. We looked at some wonderful buildings, abbeys in France, some great paintings and a piece of wood from a pew in Harkstead Church whose patina has been carefully preserved as it becomes part of a table for the church. it was difficult to find a common denominator  for "Spirituality", but we heard how people had found it in all sorts of painting from Utrillo to Piero della Francesca, and all sorts of architectural spaces

At our May meeting on Tuesday 14th May we hope to discuss "What Jesus means to us" following Dinah Livingstones editorialand article in the currnt Sofia Magazine. Helena Woddis will introduce the topic.