meeting tuesday 14th december - Bah Humbug to Christmas

Our last meeting of this year will be on Tuesday 14th December , 7.30 pm, at Charlotte's The Theme is "Bah Humbug to Christmas" . We seemed to have, at our last meeting, some idea that Christmas as now celebrated is not what it might be, given its origins. If we know what they are. Is your planning for this great festival completely overwhelmed by Tesco, or are you able to proceed through Advent to Christmas in a mood of thoughtful anticipation? If so -how? And if not- why not? Have you anything in writings, pictures ,ideas, songs, food- to support your feelings about Christmas? Positive , negative, clever, silly. If you are able to climb out from under the mound of wrapping paper and unwritten Christmas cards, do join us for some slightly un Christmassy fare and definitely Christmas discussion. At our last meeting we heard John Nurser's paper "Divine rights, Droits de seigneur" ( John was unable to be with us) I am still receiving responses to this paper and I hope John will be able to talk to us at a later date. A big stumbling block was the meaning of "Divine" and then the difficulty of what rights we might any of us have that are not laid down by law, that are above and beyond man's selfish decisions. Much food for thought. A Number of us attended the Suffolk Theology Forum evening with John Bell of the Iona Community , speaking on "Spirituality in a secular culture" . I hope we will discuss this on 14th December.